Here are our Policies. Please take the time to read over them. We welcome any comments or questions you may have by going to our contact page. Also at the bottom of this page is our full Policy Booklet in pdf form for you to print out and a preview of our dvd "Directions and Policies" with the order information. Thank you!

We wish for you to enjoy our policies more conveniently - so we've put together a few materials to enjoy in your own home, in the car or at work - for free!

Downloadable Policy Book

Take our policies anywhere with you! Pass them to others or keep them handy. This 10-page booklet outlines Canada as we see it: a nation of peace, love, equality and respect for all. (paper size: 8.5" x 11")


Audio/Video Titles


"The Sound of A New Nation": Audio

Listen to Roger Poisson, Leader, speak to the nation, helping Canadians see the dream of a better future for Canada and for the world.

Available in CD or audio cassette. Listen to our sample below:


Directions & Policies: Video

See for yourself as our Leader, Roger Poisson speaks in more detail about the direction of the Party and of our party policies.

Available in DVD format. (see sample clip on this page)

Sample Video Clip

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If you would like to request a copy of any of our audio or video titles, please visit our PPP Materials page and send your request. Your order will come by mail.

Any donations made to cover the cost of production and shipping would be greatly appreciated. We sincerely thank you!


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