January 2009 - December 2009

A. Executive Meetings

1.) 29/01/09 Executive Meeting: S. Roulette, E. Roulette, A.M. Nemis, L. McCallum, J. Hendrickson
2.) 03/03/09 Executive Meeting: S.R, E.R, A.N, L.M


- clarification of ‘accrued liabilities’ and ‘amortization’

- clarification of membership fees as an expense since they are not charged to members.


• Financial picture for March and April 2009 was presented by Ann Marie
- Approximately $7,000.00 needed to cover expenses for next two months

• Future contributions: monetary and non-monetary and limitations presented by Ann Marie
- legal limits of individual contributors discussed

• General discussion of upcoming EC Ottawa trip for Ann and Laurel
- need for clearing out the Mastercard due to upfront charges for the trip

3.) 02/04/09 Executive Meeting: R.P, A.N, L.M. conference call S.R, E.R.

In addition: McCallum and Nemis not to attend Broadcasting Arbitrator Meeting in Ottawa as Elections Canada can only pay for one person; our funds are too low.

4.) 27/05/09 Executive Meeting: S.R., E.R, L.M., R.P.


5.) 10/11/09 Executive Meeting: S.R, E.R., A.N., L.M.
6.) 11/09/09 Executive Meeting: R.P., S.R., E.R., A.N., L.M.
7.) 16/09/09 Executive Meeting R.P., S.R., E.R., A.N., L.M.

B. Advisory Committee of Political Parties

a.) Feedback
b.) 11/09/09 Conference Call: Election Readiness – All Political Parties

C. Media

a.) 18/09/09 Interview with Canadian Counter Culture Radio

D. Website


Roger Poisson Leader,
Submitted by Laurel McCallum, Chief Agent
For the PPP Executive and Team



31/03/10: Accepted by Roger Poisson, members of the Executive and the Chief Agent




PPP Family





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