Rogers-Cantel Has No Customer Service

October 21, 2006


Some four or five years ago, Rogers-Cantel left a voice message on my cellular phone that my phone had been cloned from Texas, not to worry about this sudden over four thousand monthly bill, but that they would catch the culprit from Texas.

Weeks passed by.  I kept calling them.  They kept telling me that they were getting closer.  Suddenly, I’m told that it was cloned by a serial number and that there was nothing they could do about it.  And when I asked if I changed phone numbers if they would guarantee me that it would never happen again, the reply was: “Since it was cloned by serial number, there is nothing we could guarantee.  But we’ll catch the person.”

Suddenly, I get a bill of over $4,000 in one month.  (Try to figure out what was going on!)  I called and wrote four times to know what was going on.  To this day, I’ve never received a letter or explanation from Rogers-Cantel, except that every year or so collections agencies call here, trying to collect the amount.  Three collection agencies to whom I spoke asked me to write them a letter, explaining the situation and that I would never hear from them again, which is true.  But suddenly, Canadian Bonded Credit started phoning three, four times a day until I decided to write the Better Business Bureau (who would also receive a copy of this letter) with my original complaint.  As you will see in this letter to the Better Business Bureau, they are asked that I give them fifteen days to respond.  To this day, neither Canadian Bonded Credit nor Rogers-Cantel have given any sign of life, other then that the phone calls have suddenly stopped.

Since your cellular phone cannot be protected against piracy, according to Rogers-Cantel’s security department and that furthermore, Rogers-Cantel customer service department have never had the decency to at least reply once.  So now we are making it a public thing and I demand a letter of apology and a clarification with the Credit Bureau that this issue may never appear on my credit report.  Perhaps someone that works for Rogers-Cantel will notice this flag on our website as People’s Political Power Party of Canada and the Mission of the Shroud.  Never will I ever again deal with Rogers-Cantel and I intend to pursue the matter to the courts, if need be.  This is to warn the public against Rogers-Cantel who admitted of the cloning of my phone and illegally tried to hold me responsible.  Customer beware!  And we invite other complaints to be sent to us so we may have combined people to face these bureaucrats who have no respect for their customers.

(And strangely, my name is Roger.  So don’t think I have anything to do with Rogers-Cantel nor Roger’s Video or anything that bears the name ‘Roger’.)

Thank you for reading. 

Yours truly,

Roger Poisson

People’s Political Power Party of Canada

Mission of the Shroud





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