An Invitation to Pro-Choice & Pro-Life

September 1, 2006

The word ‘pro’ has different meanings.  For example, meaning that I am for something instead of against.  The word ‘pro’ again means professional so if we take the word ‘pro’ and attach it to life we see ‘Pro-Life’.  Is it meaning for life or professional life?  Interesting isn’t it? 

Now could we say professional to choices because when we pick one over the other we reject one?  Does Pro-choice (because of the word ‘choice’) mean that if you choose abortion it is a choice you made but also if you choose not abortion is it another choice?  But which of the two truly have professionalism in it?  Thinking of abortion is rejecting life and if you change your mind you’re disappointed in the promotion of unwanted children. 

So what do we do with the word ‘pro’?  Which of the two things do we do as a pro?   To help you understand our point of view, without being religious, Jesus said, “Let the dead bury the dead.”  So how can we speak of life when we are living-dead?  So who is the “pro” about life?  Having treated life for all humans with respect makes us pros, “…as I have loved you, you do the same to others.”  But notice that Jesus did not say ‘let all the dead that we are, including me, bury their dead’.  You see Jesus was not a walking dead; then again He was because He walked after He died.  When He ordered Lazarus to come out of the womb of the earth, He brought death to life overwhelming the dead that had buried him. 

So now a question to both sides: is there a woman in the world that looks forward to pregnancy in order to abort it?  Is there a woman in Pro-choice that prefers to have a choice over being respected and loved, where the thought of abortion would be replaced by the thought of love in her heart?  This is why we are Pro-Life not ‘pro-walking dead burying their dead.’ 

We will bring respect to women, sacred treasure of humanity, bearer of the life of the family and in the heart of man.  If one, be he/she man or woman, could say that they would not love to be fully happy into forever - that person has never lived.   It is why that life gives life and if you have a dead life in you, you cannot put up with yourself much less an unwanted child.  Be that child aborted or growing unwanted as most children today that are burden to their parents.  We have in such a continuity of unloving people that are living dead burying dead.

Life is happiness with all that you have because of respect, only in such you will understand the meaning and the value of life. 

Thank you for reading and look out for us.  Resurrection will come to all of you unhappy, living dead because we are a family.

Thank you for reading, life flowing out of me is the reality of the wisdom promoted in my heart, knowing that you’re reading this.


Roger Poisson





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