"New Ballot Name"

The Winnipeg Sun Newspaper, November 6, 2005

by Chris Kitching, Staff Reporter

Aboriginal issues party begun

A new political party that has aboriginal rights and issues at the top of its agenda has launched in Winnipeg.

The People’s Political Power Party [party has recently been taken out of the name] of Canada is hoping to have at least 10 candidates vying for seats in the House of Commons during the next federal elections.

“What we want to do is provide an alternative and clean up this nation,” party leader Roger Poisson said.

“Native people are ignored by (Ottawa).”


He said the leading issue is getting reserves out of third-party management or receivership and restoring accountability.

Improving living conditions on First Nations and other aboriginal issues are the party’s primary focus, but it also campaigns on strengthening family values and the rights and dignity of women, he said.

“I have better things to do than get into politics, but I can’t stand to see the people suffer,” said Poisson, who’s traveling to Ontario and Quebec later this month to promote the party and its objectives.

A western swing will happen in the coming months.  Poisson hopes to recruit more members and meet with potential candidates.

The fringe party is open to everyone, although most of it’s 350 members are aboriginal and live in Manitoba and Ontario.

Poisson, a 62-year-old Métis, said he has no experience in politics.  He was born in Quebec and moved to Manitoba 35 years ago.

He’s the founder of Winnipeg’s Mission of the Shroud, which provides spiritual counseling for drug addicts, victims of sexual abuse, people living in poverty and others.

Poisson said he’s not opposed to hot-button issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage.

Registered with Elections Canada

Shirley Roulette, principle of Isaac Beaulieu Memorial School on Sandy Bay First Nation, is the party’s first president.

“I’d like to have the First Nations people know that there’s someone out there that’ll speak up for them and not give up,” she said.

People’s Political Power Party of Canada was established in April and is registered with Elections Canada, Poisson said.

On the web: www.peoplespoliticalpower.ca.

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