People's Political Power of Canada Ad Appears In The Winnipeg Free Press

The Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper, October 8, 2005

People’s Political Power Party of Canada would like to congratulate Mrs. Shirley Roulette of the Sandy Bay First Nation Community, who has been unanimously voted President of the Party and Mrs. Eileen Roulette, also of the Sandy Bay First Nation Community, as Vice-President, Mrs. Ann Nemis of Winnipeg, as Secretary-Treasurer and Mrs. Laurel McCallum as Chief Agent of the Party and Mr. Roger Poisson as leader of the Party.

All women above are from within the education system at the level of school Principal, Vice Principal, teacher and counsellor. 

We would like to congratulate everyone from left to right in the photo. 

Mrs. Eileen Roulette, (I have mentioned above) Vice-President;

next Mrs. Shirley Roulette as President of the Party;

next Miss Anna-Maria Everett, Facilitator;

centre Mr. Roger Poisson, Leader;

next in the back, Mrs. Ann Nemis Secretary-Treasurer;

next in the front Mrs. Jennifer Hendrickson, Web Developer

and finally Mrs. Laurel McCallum, Chief Agent.

The People’s Political Power Party of Canada is on the rise to be an alternative to our problems; from the issues of abortion, Residential Schools, conflict between Churches and Government and First Nation people; absolute respect for woman, to reform the Social Services, the correctional system, the healthcare system, and all federal and inter-provincial matters; where the people will come first. 

Our main agenda: First Nation people; resolutions of all problems that are slowing down the process of healing for the First Nation people, where we as Canadians are in need of healing also.

All our Policies will be outlined at a press conference in a Leadership Convention to be held sometime towards the beginning of November or earlier, if possible. 

We congratulate all the people above and we are a ‘centre party’, in a democracy that must be in the unity of all people, beginning by the First Nation people to partake into the re-structure of this nation, at the table where the decisions are being made in the House of Commons.

We are looking forward to settling these issues once and for all and to stop wasting taxpayers’ money that resolves nothing of the scandal issues where politicians are riding on their promises that people will have to pay for, again, not to mention the cost of this inquiry, where people just have to say, “I’m sorry” and life goes on.

You have the pledge of my life in service for this nation.  I look not for position nor wages nor titles, much less 24 Sussex Drive.  I look forward to serving the people, who truly are the leaders of this nation by who they appoint to look after their affairs. 

Again, congratulations to all.  Looking forward to meeting you publicly, to lay out our policies, also to the Leadership Convention that we should have soon to be announced in this paper.

Congratulations to Canada:  all of you people that are looking for answers not promises. 

My life is delivered into your care, to represent you well at the height of this nation, for you will be the command of my heart.

Roger Poisson

Leader of the People’s Political Power Party of Canada

Without wages

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