An Address to the Nation from our Leader, Anna-Maria Everett

I’m writing to you today to tell you how humbled I am to be elected to serve you.  I do not take the role of ‘leader’ as one that is to be served but the complete opposite, one who serves others.  All leadership roles are given by the greater power and the one in that position must always remember that they are chosen for this role because people believe in them to bring forth...

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An Address to the Nation from our Executive Members

The task of leader is not an easy one.  A leader must be someone who always puts their fellow woman (man) first and never themselves … with true love for all people.  The position is one of service to others and not where the leader is served.  A leader must always seek guidance from a greater power (the Spirit) and to do the Will of God with love in all matters...

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An Address to the Nation from our President, Shirley Roulette

Recently, I have been elected as President of the People’s PoliticalPower Party of Canada. It is a great honor to be entrusted with this position. I am an Aboriginal woman from Sandy Bay First Nations and I have been with the Mission of the Shroud for twelve (12) years...

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An Address to the Nation from our Vice-President, Eileen Roulette

As Vice-President of the People’s Political Power Party of Canada, the position that was given to me by the Creator’s hand, after many years of suffering and struggles to come to such an honour is truly the work of spiritual guidance through the caring of a man chosen by the Creator to help us...

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An Address to the Nation from our Secretary-Treasurer, Ann Marie Nemis

Hi everyone. My name is Ann Marie Nemis. I enjoy the position of Secretary-Treasurer so much because it gives me the pleasure of meeting you, or at least speaking to you on the phone...

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The Purpose and Dedication of the People's Political Party of Canada

The purpose of its existence is to make a difference in this nation, where there are solutions to every problem of the nation, without having to rely on the movement of poll results as to know which direction you’re going: not to say that we don’t want to do the will of the people...

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