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E-mail QUESTION: September 11, 2012

90. Translate to French

"Please, hire someone able to really translate in French.

E-mail QUESTION: August 8, 2012

89. Running in the Next Election

"I would like to know if you will be running in the next election."

E-mail QUESTION: July 24, 2012

88. Women Are Over-Protected in Canada

"Women are over-protected in Canada and most of them are abusing the system and ruining the families. If you are going to give more power to women, it means you are going to castrate men."

E-mail QUESTION: July 4, 2012

87. Being added to an An E-mail List

"In making preparations for the upcoming elections I am writing to see if you can add us to your email list for all party media advisories, as well I am hoping you can provide my organization with the list of all nominated candidates and their email addresses, if it could be in excel spreadsheet format it would be greatly appreciated."

E-mail QUESTION: June 13, 2012

86. The Real Canada

"You guys represent the Real Canada! "

E-mail QUESTION: June 7, 2012

85. Your Issues - National & Global

"What are your issues in Canada or the world?"

E-mail QUESTION: May 29, 2012

84. Incorrect Spelling Affects Opinion

"Sorry to bother you over something so small. When I first got to your page how you spelt "peace" was wrong. Just kind of threw me off, so I thought I'd let you know, it effected my opinion.
"Take our policies anywhere with you! Pass them to others or keep them handy. This 10-page booklet outlines Canada as we see it: a nation of peae, love, equality and respect for all."
Sorry again."

E-mail QUESTION: May 23, 2012

83. Party Platform & Main Ideas

"What are your platforms? Or main ideas?"

E-mail QUESTION: May 7, 2012

82. The PPP in Canada's Political Landscape

"How long has the peoples political power party been apart of the Canadian political landscape? If the People's Political Power became the government today what would you change for Canadians?"

E-mail QUESTION: May 1, 2012

81. What do you oppose? What principles does this party support?

"What do you oppose? What principles does this party support? Where do you stand on the current issues in Canada? Please answer, thanks!!!"

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