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E-mail QUESTION: April 24, 2012

80. School Project: what is your current platform of your party?

Hello my class is doing a school project in political parties. I chose to do the People's Political Power Party for my party. I just have one question for you, what is your current platform of your party?

E-mail QUESTION: April 24, 2012

79. I have grown up believing that Canada was a great place to live...I want to know...

"I want to know what the party's opinion is on planned obsolescence and the holding back of patents that hold significant importance in the direction of our future.
I also want to know about your opinion on gmo's and on supporting local food supplies and community gardens.
I also want to know what you will do to de-privatize our public utilities and other such things that have been swindled from the public.
I want to know why you hear so much on CO2 but nothing about the other crap that they dump into our air and water.
I want to know what you will do about our medical system and why they want to keep you sick.
I want to know what you will do about the schools and how they don't inspire students to do unbelievable things but to teach them how to stay in line.
I want to know why if I live in a democracy I can't vote on what my country is going to do next. Why can only a few decide what we should do? I have grown up believing that Canada was not only a great place to live but was welcome everywhere we went because we helped people."

E-mail QUESTION: April 10, 2012

78. Who Is In Charge Of Canada?

"Who is now in charge of Canada?"

E-mail QUESTION: April 2, 2012

77. Respect For Women & Too Much Freedom

"On your website you talk about respect for women. You also talk about freedom which I agree is important. But isn't too much freedom a dangerous thing?"

E-mail QUESTION: March 27, 2012

76. A fake political entity

"As someone with a true interest in seeing Canada become a better nation, I am deeply disturbed to see you attempting to fool naïve citizens into donating their money to a fake political entity. You talk about women's rights, yet you are Anti-Choice, and anti-welfare. You would put criminals inside our Military where they will be trained to commit violent acts. You have no understanding of world economics, as proven by your idea to abolish taxes."

E-mail QUESTION: March 21, 2012

75. October 2011 Elections

"Are you taking part in the October 2011 elections?"

E-mail QUESTION: March March 16, 2012

74. Provincial Candidates

"I went to an all-candidates debate here in an Ontario Riding. I've tried to locate info on your website to see if you have provincial candidates. Any info you have (email address, facebook page, etc.) would be much appreciated."

E-mail QUESTION: March March 6, 2012

73. Do not endorse measures that put Canadians in danger

"Love for others is what heals us, here we agree. So let the love come from you directly, not the dirty business of politics. Maybe one day you'll get to know someone from the sex industry and know that they're people too. Some are even personally inspiring in ways that shouldn't offend you. If you and your organization genuinely care about the interests of your fellow Canadians, please do not endorse measures that put them in danger and do not present these measures as the desires of 'Canadian families'. Perhaps those of your own family, but certainly not my own."

E-mail QUESTION: March 1, 2012

72. Pornography in Society

"I'm a woman who knows that porn is good for society, even outside of its educational applications. And women are not 'holy' in any sense other than 'holy moly'. Imposing your own view of morality on your fellow Canadians is a terrible thing, Morality is not objective, it is subjective and you have absolutely no right to pretend to be representing any aspect of the Canadian Constitution. Your moral party platform is as transparent as it is disgraceful, and your agenda of social oppression is an obvious one. Signed, Someone who knows better."

E-mail QUESTION: February 2, 2012

71. Party Amalgamation

"As I read the policies of this party, I can't help but to realize the similarities between this party and ours. With an amalgamation two smaller voices would make a bigger impact on Canada. Just wondering your thoughts on this and also hoping you got enough signatures!"

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