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E-mail QUESTION: January 26, 2012

70. Joining the United Party

Any response to joining with the United party?

E-mail QUESTION: January 18, 2012

69. Party Ideology

"Hello, I am a student in Thornhill Secondary School and my group and I are doing a research on PPP. I am just wondering what the ideology is for PPP. I'll be glad to get feedback from you."

E-mail QUESTION: January 12, 2012

68. Federal or provincial party?

"I am doing a school project. Are you a Federal political party and a Provincial party?"

E-mail QUESTION: December 19, 2011

67. Access to firearms & businesses closed on sundays

"I am a teenager who has started looking at all the political parties I will be able to vote for soon. You stuck out from all the other parties. Many of your views match my own; only through unity and compassion for one another can we become the nation we want to be. I agree with a lot of things the PPP has to say. You propose revolutionary ideas that other parties either have not thought of or have been too scared to say. Ending poverty, decreasing the need for importation, higher corporate taxes, promoting education for everyone, assisting First Nations communities and creating educational programs that explain why all women are beautiful all sound great. However, I love eating out with my family on Sundays. I don't think it should be mandatory for businesses to be closed on Sundays. And is it really a smart idea to encourage criminals to join the military, and give them access to firearms? I think many of the things in your economic plan will go a long way toward paying off Canada's debts."

E-mail QUESTION: December 15, 2011

66. Interested in running a Candidate

"I am interested in running as a candidate for your party in the next election and I am wondering if you could give me some information?"

E-mail QUESTION: December 6, 2011

65. Party Platform is Confusing

"I've been looking at various party websites to determine which is closest to my political views (Dengist Market Socialism). I'm a bit confused at your party platform. Are your goals basically to make women's primary job as "homemakers", make everyone love each other and enforce random Christian values?"

E-mail QUESTION: November 29, 2011

64. Joining The Party

"This is a very interesting concept for a political party and I'm very interested in learning more. How would one go about joining your party?"

E-mail QUESTION: November 22, 2011

63. Invest Your Vote

"INVEST YOUR VOTE. Take your vote and invest it in a third-party candidate. Do this repeatedly each election cycle, and watch how your interest compounds, just like money would. Let's look at what happens when you and others invest their votes: 1) A third party gets a larger portion of the vote (would be a small increase each time, but would be cumulative) 2) As more people see that they are getting a larger share of the vote each election."

E-mail QUESTION: November 15, 2011

62. Refuse to be divided by partisanship politics

"It is good that Canada has a new political party that stands for peace and harmony. All parties who believe in the same values need to get together and refuse to be divided by partisanship politics. Divide and rule? Old trick! Focus on one Leader? Destroys team work and unity. Together we can say NO! "

E-mail QUESTION: November 10, 2011

61. Bringing Down the "Old Empire"

"The Domain is watching and keeping exploratory notes to ensure your success in bringing down the 'old Empire'"

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