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E-mail QUESTION: November 2, 2011

60. Horses for Human Consumption

"With the federal election pending, I would like clarification from you and your Party on an issue that is of great importance to me - the slaughter of horses for human consumption. My view is that horses are companion animals and, as such, should never be slaughtered as a food item."

E-mail QUESTION: October 25, 2011

59. Anglophones in quebec

"I think some of you ideas are good. If your party should become the next government for Canada my question is this- What will you do for Anglophones in Quebec. We have almost no rights here. If I go to a job site in Quebec it's in French only. If I wanted to open a store or business it would have to be a French name. My kids will have to ask permission to send their kids to an English school. Immigrants here are not allowed to send their kids to English school. What are your views on this?"

E-mail QUESTION: October 12, 2011

58. Small Parties & The Media

"I write to you on behalf of the smaller political parties of Canada. We were all saddened by Roger's death and you have our sincerest condolences. We are also glad that you have picked up the reigns to move forward. Your message is important.
On Saturday, April 23, 2011 all the small parties are meeting in Toronto to speak to Canada with one voice. We would be honored to read a prepared statement from your party to Canada, or in turn you would be welcome to send a representative, if you have one in Toronto, to read a prepared statement from PPP. The event takes place at the Ontario Institute for Science and Technology from 1:00-5:00pm.
We will try to have as much media present as possible, plus the event will be taped for release online. This could be a great opportunity to make a statement from the PPP and introduce your party to a wider audience. Please let me know what you think. Feel free to email or phone me at anytime."

E-mail QUESTION: August 25, 2011

57. Writing in French

"I would like to counsel you Mr. Poisson on how to write in French before you make a document carrying out what you would like for the people of this nation. It sickens me that you do not know how to use software to check spelling."

E-mail QUESTION: August 3, 2011

56. Party beliefs

"What are your beliefs?"

E-mail QUESTION: July 27, 2011


"Do you have a facebookgroup/page I can join?"

E-mail QUESTION: July 20, 2011

54. The Party Symbol

"I received your party letter from my friend and I went to your website today. I think your symbol has a lot of meaning but it is a little bit complicated. A simple symbol is easy for people to remember. How about a triangle for the Holy Trinity with a letter P in the corner?"

E-mail QUESTION: June 12, 2011

53. The Young Disabled & Our Disabled Poor

"People's Political Power Party states that they love the youth, that the youth is the future; which may be true but what about the youth who have developmental disabilities? What is the party doing to make sure this youth is our future? The website says that a team is only as strong as its members. What is the party doing to make sure that the health of all people is available? What is the party doing to help people with disabilities that need more help with health care? Is the People's Political Power Party helping Canadians eliminate poverty? If so, how? Will there be studies looking into how many families with a family member who has a disability living in poverty?"

E-mail QUESTION: May 3, 2011

52. Qualifications of a 'Leader'

"I am currently a grade 10 student in a Canadian high school. Our assignment was to evaluate a website of a current political party of Canada. I would like to ask you how someone with a grade nine education could be qualified to be a leader of a political party able to tackle every problem from cultural minorities to health care?"

E-mail QUESTION: April 28, 2011

51. Crop Science and the Mass Bee Die-Off

"I have sent over 300 emails to members of parliament regarding the leaked EPA document regarding Bayer Crop Science and the Mass Bee Die off and the chemical clothianidin."

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