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E-mail QUESTION: April 28, 2011

50. Peace Around The Globe And In Canada

"You say you wish for peace around the globe and within Canada. You want everyone to love each other and you say that will solve everyone's problems."

E-mail QUESTION: April 28, 2011

49. Are You Guys For Real?

"Are you guys for real? Or is it just a really funny joke party. I mean the Christian party thing has been done before, but (paraphrasing) 'caring for each other will make our immune systems improve and slash health care costs by 50% in 3 years' ??? Really?"

E-mail QUESTION: February 2, 2011

48. The Canadian Flag

"I was just asking a few things for school. Who were the people involved in bringing in the flag? And why is this an important event in Canada?"

E-mail QUESTION: January 14, 2011

47. E-mail List

"Wondering if you have an e-mail list one can join?"

E-mail QUESTION: January 14, 20110

46. More on Policies & Principals

"Can you give me a statement regarding your policies and principles?"

E-mail QUESTION: December 13, 2010

45. Relations between Quebec and Canada

"What is your opinion on relations between Quebec and the rest of Canada? How do you feel about Quebec's future in our country?"

E-mail QUESTION: November 23, 2010

44. Party Discipline & Non-confidence Voting

"It is my understanding that party discipline in Canada is rather strict compared to that of other countries such as Germany and I was also wondering why you believed that was. Also, would you have any thoughts on non-confidence voting or the efficiency of the government under this practice?"

E-mail QUESTION: October 18, 2010

43. Federal Gun Registry

"The federal gun registry being used as a money raising plan for the Federal Conservatives.. To "STOP" the this and other related problems cause by the registry for all parties would be a NATIONAL REFERENDUM..."

E-mail QUESTION: April 20, 2010

42. Appeal For Help For the Church

"We, catholic priests and parishioners of the Holy Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary from the Place of Apparition of Mother of God in city Ternopil, Ukraine, appeal to you with a request for help..."

E-mail QUESTION: April 8, 2010

41. Vision, platform, plan & programs

"We are doing a presentation on political parties and my colleagues and I have chosen your party. We would like information about your party's vision, your platform..."

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