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E-mail QUESTION: March 30, 2010

40. I love you.

"I love you."

E-mail QUESTION: March 30, 2010

39. What is your vision?

"I am doing a school project and I would like to ask you some questions. What is your vision? Your platform? Your plan?"

E-mail QUESTION: March 30, 2010

38. Hydro cutting me off

"I wish I could donate to the People's Political Power Party. However, yesterday for the first time in my life I actually watched other people eat when I didn't have a nickel in my pocket and hadn't eaten all day."

E-mail QUESTION: March 26, 2010

37. Is it Possible to have a meeting with you?

"Madhesi Jana Adhikar Forum, Nepal (MJF) is a federal political party in Nepal. With reference to our party office, I take the responsibility to set up a small meeting with your party leader."

e-mail QUESTION: March 17, 2010

36. A Shorter Work Week

"What is the PPP's stand on adopting a 32 hour work week…4 days of work, 3 days of relaxing and being humans?"

E-mail QUESTION: March 15, 2010

35. Participatory Democracy

"Does your party believe in 100% Participatory Democracy where people make the decisions within a "moral" set of guidelines?"

E-mail QUESTION: February 17, 2010

34. The Role of the Government

"What does your party believe should be the role of government?"

E-mail COMMENT: February 17, 2010

33. The PPP Website

"Among the 17 political party web pages, I would have to say that the PPP has the best web design of all the political party web pages in Canada – possibly in all of North America and perhaps the world..."

E-mail Question: November 24, 2009

32. Making Our Vision of Canada a Reality

"What is your platform and how do you plan to bring your vision for Canada to reality?"

E-mail Question: October 31, 2009

31. A nice place with no wars

"I wish I can live in a nice place with no wars. Nice like no hurting people. Stop the bad people. I would like to be in the club called PPP youth."

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