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E-mail Question: October 5, 2009

20. It is time to recognize how important it is to change people

"If you empty out the prisons, where will the murderers and pedophiles go?"

E-mail Question: February 25, 2009

19. We answer more of your questions!

"I recently came across your web site, and I found it to be most interested(ing) indeed. I was wondering if I may kindly and respectfully ask you to reply to the following questions, which I have concerning the People's Political Power Party of Canada's official policies..."

E-mail Question: February, 2009

18. Helping Our Young

"I am a student teacher and this semester I will be teaching Social Studies 11. There is a unit on government with a focus on political parties in Canada. As part of the course I will be getting the students to write a short report on one of Canada's many political parties. Could you send us a couple of your pamphlets as a resource for the project?"

E-mail Question: April 3, 2008

17. Party History & Healthcare

"I am interested in the history of this party. Can you explain it to me? Also, I would appreciate any information on your healthcare platform."

E-mail Question: April 1, 2008

16. A Climate of 'Mistrust'

"It seems that we are now spying on everyone. When the world does not feel safe, schools and businesses return to the use of electronic means. What is needed to change this climate of mistrust?"

E-mail Question: April 1, 2008

15. A Heart & Will To Work For Canada

"Your party is the most fringe unsubstantiated bunch of nonsense I have ever seen…"

E-mail Question: October 14, 2008

14. A Party Like the PPP in the U.S.A.

"I believe that this party can be the conduit for justice and bringing social values back to Canadian politics. How can I help?"

E-mail Question: May 16, 2008

13. Supporting Bill C-34.

"Please support Bill C-484."

E-mail Question: December 14, 2007

12. Our Goals For Canada

"What Is Your Mail Goal? What are the things your party will do if they were elected?"

E-mail Question: November 17, 2007

11. The PPP on the 'Political Spectrum'

"Where does your party belong on the political spectrum? What are your views and changes that you plan to make?"

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