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e-mail Question: November 17, 2007

10. Social Programs for Family Bonding

"Will any social programs be instated to encourage family bonding? "

e-mail Question: November 17, 2007

9. The PPP Party Logo

"Why do you have wheat and a heart on the official logo?"

e-mail Question: November 17, 2007

8. Our Party's Ideology

"I am a grade 10 student. I am doing a project in civics class on your party and I was wondering if you could help me out in any way with information about your ideology so I can tell my classmates about your party."

e-mail Question: November 17, 2007

7. First Nation Peoples in Our Modern Society

"Do you plan to integrate the First Nations people into public schools, or change the curriculum to be more inclusive of other cultures? Will the First Nations people be encouraged to turn to a Christian God?"

e-mail Question: November 17, 2007

6. Cutting the Income Tax

"How do you plan on cutting the income tax completely along with the GST, while achieving "a major surplus" in the budget?"

e-mail Question: May 17, 2007

5. Our Healthcare system

"How are you planning to decrease health costs but increase health benefits? "

e-mail Question: April 5, 2007

4. Poverty in Canada

"What about the Poor?"

e-mail Question: March 22, 2007

3. Abortion: "If Anybody Loses Nobody Wins"

"On your website you say 'if someone loses nobody wins'. Do you have a solution for issues such as abortion where one side believes it's a woman's right to choose whereas the other side believes it's murder and are polarized to an extreme degree? How do you find a solution where any concession is seen as a loss for both sides?"

E-mail Question: April 5, 2007

2. Making A Living - Without Wages

"How does Roger 'make a living' for 17 years without any wages?"

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1. Interview Questions

With the new formation of a new political party, Roger Poisson, Leader, addresses the nation and answers your questions.

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