The Whole World – You Are My Family ... It Doesn't Matter Where You Are From ... God Created the World To Become a Family

January 13, 2011

It doesn’t matter if we are different colours or have different languages.  It only matters that you recognize that two can become twins through love – without talk.  You will be in awe.

This is not a dream, but wake up.  In your country – wherever you are – you will have peace, love which is sacred, and happiness together.  Plus, there is something more powerful ... you are a family.  Whether you are female or male, you will be twins together.  It means that you are to find who you are ... like a father and a mother.

I listen to the Spirit – it is not religious at all.  But only through love are you very sacred.  Without this, you can pray and it means nothing. 
I have seen a young woman with fair hair appear to me.  She had a big smile on her face.  She was like a dream, but I saw her in person.

It is time that the Pope listens by the Spirit – not just to talk without the Spirit.  He won’t need to write anything.  He does not need to be nervous about learning.
I say to the Pope, “God loves you, but now believe in Him by the Spirit only.  There is no other way.  You will be so in awe by the Spirit.  People will recognize God and see that He is a twin with you.”
All the different countries are to listen.  You will find peace in this learning.  War means nothing... you kill, you die and you don’t understand why you do what you do.  Even the rich feel very poor.  Even the powerful ones – how many of your children have died?  Is it because you love them? 
Peace and love ... the future is more important than the past.

I was very young when the Spirit talked to me years ago ... I was not ready.  I knew that I needed to be clean.
 Remember the story of the Blessed Mother who found her son who had run away and said to him, “You don’t know anything yet.  You want to find those who are lonely, those who are sick and those who have died, to help them.  Have patience.  You will understand how to change the world through peace.”

Rich or poor – without sacred love, you are nothing.  Every woman today has made mistakes too – the same as man.  There are no excuses.  Neither one is more important than the other. 
First, you need to recognize the gift to understand who you are, to learn to trust the whole world like a family.  No longer should a female or male feel weak.  You are family – to understand how to change the world. 

Many people feel that they are very intelligent because they are rich, and women beg to be with them, wanting to feel important by having the name of the rich.  Remember that every woman used to be a virgin.  Now, they are virgins again.  The proof is in the young children – in the babies.  The women and men are not old anymore when they give life to their young ... they are virgins again.

It is why the Spirit guides you to be so humble to become born again.  You are no longer old ... you become virgins again because you recognize love for yourself.  Then you wish the whole world would become a family to understand each other.  This is also for any man who is married or in love.  Don’t judge others because you are scared or jealous.  Today, many women prefer not to sleep with men anymore.
They find the men saying, “You don’t love me anymore.  I am supposed to use your body.”
Today, a lot of women feel better to be by themselves rather than to be used and then dropped. 

It is time for even the Pope to listen to the Spirit now.
Only God can change the world now, or we are finished, the Pope has written. 
The Spirit guides you, Pope Benedict.  You are a good man, but not good enough to change the world by yourself.  Without money, become truly a father.  Respect your daughters especially – don’t judge them.  Everyone has made mistakes ... you too.  Be a good father and they will become virgins right away.  They will find love through a good father. 
It is not Canada here anymore ... it is a family.  Even America – all countries – they are our family.  Recognize who you are.  You are created by God to serve each other by love – not by money.  A poor person feels rich to love – and the rich feel poor without love.


We are writing to Canada and the whole world because we are a family ... no queen ... a family.  In the world, not one should be more important than the other. 
To dream is normal here, in this office ... we recognize who we are.  Yet, we see that every country – Africa, China, India, Russia, U.S. –  in all countries – even the rich, who say they are very sacred with God – find bombs to destroy the others ... in the name of God? 
Find love – sacred love.  Teach the whole world to find how to become a family.  Don’t use your bodies to prove that you are someone.  Without the Spirit – you are dead; you become old and have no intelligence. 
When you learn from the Spirit – (this is not religious at all) – love is more powerful than to pray without love.  Not one is good enough to judge others. 

Men look at women like they are whores.
Remember a good man said, “You who are clean with God, cast the first stone.”
We say the same thing now.  Is there one who is clean enough to kill or judge all the others?
Even priests or bishops judge women.  Are you clean?  Don’t judge women to be whores. 
The good man was always with the worst ones – the homosexuals, the criminals, the prostitutes and more.
“They are My friends.”
Yet religious men think of me, “You can’t be with God at all.  You have a young woman with you.  You must be using her.”
She is a helper for my medical needs, only.  But what about the priest who is no longer a priest but married to a woman he bragged about having a beautiful body?  Even a bishop in New York had a serious drinking problem.  I was with him in a restaurant when he complained that the waitress serving him was too small – he preferred women with big breasts. 
Religious men are always judging others.  It is time to be honest with God ... respect your daughters, your sisters, mothers and also brothers and sons.

This is why there are wars.  There is so much jealousy, sinning and killing of others, because of jealousy.  What do these wars mean?  They are becoming worse.
But the worst wars are in your family.  I am not judging you, but it is time to do the same thing for peace.  Recognize each other – become twins – live forever.  The Spirit acknowledges that the world is a family.  It is to become a family now ... no more war.

Dream of becoming a family – recognize who you are.  Don’t use your bodies.  Don’t speak on your own behalf – speak with the Spirit within you. 
He says, “I created you by My love.  You are with Me.  Recognize My love in you.  Become a mirror with Me through your love – not with your body.  Continue to be a family with the whole world.”

It is time for the Pope to start changing things by listening to the Spirit only and not just to talk and judge others.  The Spirit becomes alive when you work for God through love.
Serve love and don’t judge anybody.
You can do nothing without the Spirit.  Don’t blame God.  You are too lazy to listen for the Spirit, yet you gave your life for God.
He says, “My children are Mine.  I created them.  Share love.  Then you will recognize the gift to love, and you will learn forever.”

I don’t write to the Pope anymore.  He knows who I am.  You could pray all day, but without the Spirit – you waste your time.

Love will make the dead living.  You can’t see this, but you can feel the sacredness.  Don’t judge.  Recognize that the Spirit gave you to understand the gift ... you were created by God – not for the body.  The Spirit to gave you children to recognize God. 
With this, you could say to the woman you are with, “Blessed are you to be with me.”
Joseph said this to Mary, “I am not even worthy to be with you.”
She answered him, “Then recognize who I am ... my Father teaches me.”
Her Father had told her, “I love you so much ... teach My Son to be like Me, within you.”
So imagine this mother said to her Son, “Be quiet and listen to me.  Don’t run away again.  You are not ready yet.”
The woman is very important – even on the Shroud, parts of the figure look female.

Now everyone questions, “Who is this?” on the Shroud.  You have no idea about this. You will be so shocked that you will start to cry.

We will write again soon.  Soon, you will learn that what seems to be dead is really alive.  You have no idea.  It is so fascinating ... you will be so in awe that you will recognize God forever.

Yours truly,
Roger Poisson with the Spirit

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