Dear PPP,

I wish I can live in a nice place with no wars. Nice like no hurting people. Stop the bad people. I would like to be in the club called PPP youth.

Sincerely, Victoria

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Welcome to our young Canadians!

We love you, the future of Canada. We want you to know the power you have in helping to shape the future of our nation. We want you to imagine and dream of our country as a place of peace, justice, equality and true love from the heart, where we can truly live together, as one family.

Don’t forget we love you, our sons and daughters. We are family!

Write to us your views of Canada & the World!

The voice of the future needs to be heard and there’s no better time like the present! So we invite you now to write to us, to open your hearts and share your dreams, your thoughts, and your ideas of how beautiful a nation can become. We give you an opportunity to share this dream with all Canadians, as we would like to publish your thoughts on this very page in the section “The Voice of the Youth”. We want you to get busy imagining the future, which begins now.

Become an Honorary Youth Member

You can become a Honourary Youth Member (don't worry it doesn’t cost a thing). You must be under the age of 18 and have your parents approval. Print out our PPP youth form attached here, fill it out and send it to our office. Once you become a member and receive your membership card in the mail.











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