There's so much you can do to help change Canada!

We are looking for hearts & hands who are willing to give their time and support to the People's Political Power. Become a volunteer! Everyone at the PPP is a volunteer - because we care that much for you, the people of this nation, to help Canada get on its feet, to live by peace, justice and equality for all.

Give a helping hand!

Please give us a call if you are interested in working with us in any capacity. We would love to hear from you.

Contact us by phone at: (204) 233-6087 or e-mail our office at:

Here's how you can help!

  1. Contact our office during an election to help with advertising, delivering pamphlets, organizing signs, distributing bumper stickers, etc.
  2. Download informational brochures for copying and distribution. This may be done at any time from your own computer.
  3. Help organize a gathering in your area, where we may offer to speak and answer your questions.
  4. Help translate our articles into other languages, to be posted on our website.
  5. Offer your resources by helping us research topics we are currently looking into.
  6. Help us send bulk faxes, letters or e-mail information to members, politicians, special interest groups, etc, during peak periods.
  7. Tell people about us! Talk with others about recent events or articles you have seen on our website.
  8. Send us comments or questions concerning anything you think is relevant. Your questions may be posted in our Questions & Answers section.
  9. Support us with your financial donations to help us keep our office running. On a monthly basis, we need to pay the rent, pay for telephone, electricity, water, ink cartridges for computers, paper, etc. We have no funding and operate month to month on whatever donations are given us.


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