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As you may or may not know the PPP, although a registered party, is a non-profit organization and we receive no funding from any outside source (including the government). We only receive personal donations from individuals (members and non-members) who believe in what we are doing.

If you believe that we can change Canada together please consider making a donation for the future of the family of Canada. All donations are used to cover our monthly costs: utilities, office and internet expenses.

There are no employees in the PPP party. We are all volunteers (including the leader) who look forward to working together with you to make Canada a better place for all Canadians.

Here is some important information on making a donation:

  • We can accept cash donations up to $20.00. Contributions over this amount must be given by cheque or money order.

  • You can make monthly donations with posted dated cheques.

  • The limit for what an individual can give annually is $1,200.00.

  • Until we are fully registered, which takes place at election time, we cannot give income tax recepits. However, we will issue official tax receipts (not for income purposes) for any donation made to the PPP or People's Political Power of Canada.


The power of change is in our hands.

Thank you.

Please send your contributions to our office by mail:

People’s Political Power Party of Canada
107 Marion Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2H 0T2

Please make all donations out to People’s Political Power Party of Canada.

To read more information from Elections Canada on contributions to parties you may read this document entitled: "There Are Limits To What You Can Give".


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